Ágústínus frá Melaleiti (photo: Anny Husebø)
Dugur frá Þúfu
Tónn fra Ólafsbergi (photo: Anny Husebø)
Leiknir fra Søtofte (photo: Cecilie Langvad)
Viktor fra Kirstineholm (photo: Cecilie Langvad)
Ágústínus fra Melaleiti
Dugur frá Þúfu (photo: Signe Bache)
Tónn fra Ólafsbergi (photo: CS-Foto)
Leiknir fra Søtofte
Viktor fra Kirstineholm
Ágústínus fra Melaleiti
Dugur frá Þúfu
Tónn fra Ólafsbergi
Leiknir fra Søtofte


The offsprings of the year

Once again we look forward to the offsprings of the year, end we have some exciting combinations of mares and stallions:

Kómeta is covered by Tónn fra Ólafsbergi

(Rid: 8,83 - Con: 8,13 - Tot: 8,55)

Hylling is covered by Jarl frá Miðkrika

(Rid: 8,83 - Con: 8,13 - Tot: 8,55)

Ásdis is covered by Leiknir fra Søtofte

(Rid: 8,57 - Con: 8,03 - Tot: 8,35)

Sunna is covered by Ágústínus frá Melaleiti

(Rid: 8,93 - Con: 8,13 -Tot: 8,61)

Sóllilja is covered by Viktor fra Kirstineholm

(Rid: 8,49 - Con: 8,16 - Tot: 8,36)

January 2019

Dugur at NM 2018

Dugur and Emilie did very well at the Nordic Championships in Sweden. The equipage participated in V.1Y, where they scored 6,47, equaling a shared 10. position in the preliminaries. In T.1Y the pair scored 7,43 and got placed on a shared  2. place in the preliminaries. The pair chose not to ride the V.1Y B-finale, to save their strength. In the T.1Y A-finale the pair got a 3. place with a score of 7,39. Finally, the equipage got a 2. place and silver medal in 4-gait combination.

August 2018

Breeding show: Aradís

This weekend, our beautiful pinto mare Aradís frá Ketilsstöðum - IS2012276181 took part in her first breeding show, and despite the extreme  heat, she performed amazingly and got first prize with ease. Aradís scored 8,30 for conformation with 9,5 for back and croup and 9,0 for proportions, as well as 8,15 for ridden abilities with 8,5 for gallop, walk and spirit. Aradís is after Álffinnur frá Syðri-Gegnishólum,  who is assessed with (Rid: 8,63 - Byg: 7,96 - Tot: 8,37) and has first prize for offsprings, and the mare Þerna frá Ketilsstöðum, who is assessed with (Rid: 7,76 - Byg: 8,16 - Tot: 7,96) and has bred many talented breeding and competition horses.

Juli 2018

Breeding season 2019

We have entered a new year, and once again we are looking forward to the breeding season, and receiving a lot of beautiful mares - both here at Kirstineholm and on Langeland at Kristian Tofte Ambo. 

Leiknir fra Søtofte will be covering mares at Jespergaarde in Dronninglund all season.

Ágústínus frá Melaleiti will be covering mares by hand at home at Kirstineholm all season.

Óskar fra Guldbæk will be covering mares by hand at home at Kirstineholm all season.

Tónn fra Ólafsbergi will be covering mares by hand at Kristian Tofte Ambo/Stutteri Almindingen, Langeland.

January 2019

Evaluated Dugur offsprings

Our beautiful Dugur has had several offsprings shown this  year in Iceland. The gorgeus buckskin Garún frá Koltursey (IS2011280380) raised her scores to (Rid: 8,51 - Con: 8,35 - Tot: 8,45). Garún is after the mare Kjarnorka frá Sauðárkróki. The 8-year-old mare Öskubuska frá Miðengi (IS2010288712) did her very first breeding show and scored (Rid: 8,05 - Con: 8,18 - Tot: 8,10). Öskubuska is after the mare Lísa frá Ytri-Kóngsbakka. The 7-year-old mare Gerpla frá Feti (IS2011286910) also did her first breeding show and scored (Rid: 8,27 - Con: 8,36 - Tot: 8,31). Gerpla is after the mare Svartafjöður frá Feti.

August 2018

The Danish Championship

At the Danish Championship this year, several horses from Kirstineholm attended. Kristian Tofte Ambo participated in F.1 on Viktor fra Kirstineholm and became number 11. with a score of 6,27 in the preliminary round. Kristian also attended with Tónn fra Ólafsbergi in T.1 and V.1, where they did very well. They got a 4th place in the preliminary round of V.1 with 6,93  but chose not to ride the finale. In T.1 they started out ahead of the field with 7,37 and got a 2nd place with 7,56 in the finale. Emilie Tofte Ambo also participated in V.1U and T.1U with Dugur fra Þúfu. They got a shared 13. plads med 5,90 in the preliminary round of V.1U and a 2nd place with 6,50 in the preliminary round of T.1U. It was victory in the finale, and the equipage became Danish Champions in T.1U.  Both Emilie on Dugur and Kristian on Tónn will represent Denmark at the Nordic Championships.

Juli 2018

A little new star

We are extremely excited, because in a few days, our little new star will land in Denmark. Kvörn frá Syðri-Gegnishólum is from 2017, and was bought last year. She is after the only 5-year old stallion Ljósálfur frá Syðri-Gegnishólum, who scored (Rid: 7,85 - Con: 8,39 - Tot: 8,07) and participated at Landsmót in 2018. FF is Lord frá Vatnsleysu, who scored (Rid: 8,18 - Con: 8,37 - Tot: 8,25). FM is the legendary Álfadís frá Selfossi, who scored (Rid: 8,66 - Con: 7,78 - Tot: 8,31) and has honor prize for offsprings.

The mother is Mylla frá Selfossi, who scored (Rid: 8,30 - Con: 7,93 - Tot: 8,15), and the MF is Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum I, who scored (Rid: 8,84 - Con: 8,05 - Tot: 8,45), and has honor prize for offsprings. Kvörn will hopefully be one of our breeding mares in the future.

January 2019

Tónn at NM 2018

Tónn and Kristian of course also participated at the Nordic Championships in Sweden, where they did well! The equipage participated in V.1S, where they scored 7,20, equaling a 7. place in the preliminaries. In T.1S the pair scored a nice score of 7,70 and got a shared 9. place in the preliminaries. In the V.1 B-finale they got a 9. place with 7,03 and in the T.1 B-finale they ended up number 7 with an impressive score of 7,94 - just one spot from the A-finale.

August 2018

Breeding show: Dísa

Our icelandic-bred Dísa frá Haukholtum - IS2013288165 also took part in this years third breeding show in Denmark. With her big movements, we are waiting for her to get more balance and stability before we can work on her pace and put more power in her gaits, but she still did very well. Dísa scored 8,01 for conformation with 8,5 for neck-withers-shoulders, back & croup and proportions, as well as 7,77 for ridden abilities with 9,0 for slow tölt and spirit. Dísa is after Ágústínus frá Melaleiti, who is assessed with (Rid: 8,93 - Byg: 8,13 - Tot: 8,61) and the top-mare Elding frá Haukholtum, who is assessed with (Rid: 8,77 - Byg: 8,24 - Tot: 8,56).

Juli 2018

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